TMF Reference Model Steering Committee

The TMF Reference Model Steering Committee comprises 14 people who are elected* by registered members of the Reference Model Project Team. Steering Committee members serve three-year terms which are set-up so that around a third of the Committee stand down each year. The Steering Committee is governed by the Steering Committee Charter.

2017 Election to fill two vacancies: Nominees NEW

Current members of the Committee are:

Name Company Member Type Term Expires
Jane Twitchen Biogen Idec Biopharma 31-Mar-2018
Kathie Clark Wingspan Vendor 31-Mar-2018
Michael Czaplicki GSK Biopharma 31-Mar-2018
Eldin Rammell Rammell Consulting Consultant 31-Mar-2019
Karen Roy Phlexglobal Vendor 31-Mar-2019
Allison Varjavandi Astellas Biopharma 31-Mar-2019
Marie-Christine Poisson-Carvajal Pfizer Biopharma 31-Mar-2019
Jamie Toth Daiichi Sankyo Biopharma 31-Mar-2020
Scott McCulloch BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Biopharma 31-Mar-2020
Fran Ross Paragon Consulting Vendor 31-Mar-2020
Lisa Mulcahy Mulcahy Consulting Consultant 31-Mar-2020
Todd Tullis Veeva Vendor 31-Mar-2020

*Elections are conducted on a ‘first past the post‘ basis, with candidates receiving the most votes filling the vacancies available. However, the Charter limits the committee member composition for any one sector or voting block (e.g. BioPharma, CRO, Vendor, Consultant) to no more than 50% of the committee. If voting results in this 50% limit being reached, any further candidates from that block will be unable to take up a position irrespective of the number of votes cast for them. In these circumstances, candidates from other blocks with the next highest number of votes cast will join the committee.