Changes to TMF Reference Model Steering Committee

Following the recent Steering Committee elections, we are pleased to announce the new committee, effective 1 May 2019:

Karen Roy – Phlexglobal
Marie-Christine Poisson – Pfizer
Sholeh Ehdaivand – LMK Clinical Research Consulting
Allison Varjavandi – Astellas

Continuing members:
Jamie Toth – Daiichi Sankyo
Fran Ross – CGI
Lisa Mulcahy – Mulcahy Consulting LLC
Scott McCulloch – InClin
Todd Tullis – Veeva
Paul Fenton – Montrium
Wendy Trimboli – Eisai
David Ives – Alexion
Kathie Clark – IQVIA
Russell Joyce – Heath Barrowcliff Consulting

The next election of all registered project members will be scheduled for February 2020, with the new committee effective from 31 March 2020.