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    • Future-proofing the TMF Reference Model
      A forum to collect comments on the future of the TMF Reference model and the direction we should take - stay as we are, become an organisation, align to a standards body or something else?
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    • General Discussion Forum
      This is an informal chatroom for those interested in the TMF Reference Model and its application. Please note: Do not use this facility as a marketing tool or to promote conferences, events, etc. Also, please do not use it to ask questions about meeting times or other "admin" queries. It should be restricted to conversations about TMF Management and the Reference Model Project ONLY. Read-only access is available to anyone. Only registered users are able to post.
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    • 2 weeks, 6 days ago

      Amanda Perlman

    • Adopting the Reference Model
      Post here for queries related to interpretation, adoption and implementation of the TMF Reference Model. Please don't post "Where do I file XXX" questions; there's a separate section for those!
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    • 9 months ago

      Adam Wood

    • Archiving
      Post here for queries related to the LONG-TERM ARCHIVAL STORAGE of TMF content (physical records or digital). This is not a forum for "filing" of TMF content; only for how you archive the TMF toi comply with regulatory requirements for long-term preservation of the TMF.
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    • 7 months, 4 weeks ago

      Janet Wright