Join the TMF Reference Model Project Team

There are two ways of participating:

  • SUBSCRIBERS: Keep up-to-date with what is going on and receive invitations to our regular conference calls. Open to anyone. In addition, subscribers can¬†participate in online discussions, chat and Q&As.
  • PROJECT TEAM MEMBER: Participate as an active team member, helping with the maintenance of the Reference Model and/or our supporting tools. Must be able to contribute on a regular basis to be a member.

If you just want to stay in touch and receive regular new updates and information about the Reference Model and the different project teams (no charge), or participate in our online discussion forums, please consider joining as a subscriber. Just click on the Subscribe link from the menu. Please respect the rules of the discussion forum or you will be removed!

The TMF Reference Model is maintained by a team of industry volunteers, under the auspices of the DIA Document and Records Management Community.  Activities conducted by the Project are progressed through a number of sub-groups, including maintenance and development of the Reference Model itself. Sub-groups meet as needed, usually for an hour, to discuss issues and to progress their work streams. The whole project team (around over 250 individuals) also meet together every six weeks in a General Meeting to which TMF subscribers are also invited.
We use as a collaboration tool, including communication with project team members. We do NOT maintain a separate email distribution list of members. For this reason, it is important that Project Team members agree to use If you are not registered on, you are not a Project Team member. If you are not listed on a sub-team in, you are not a member of that sub-team. There is no charge to join the project team but if you are interested in joining we ask that you agree to the following:

  • you have the time available to participate in your chosen sub-group(s) on the project;
  • where applicable, you have any necessary authorisation from your employer to participate;
  • you will make every effort to participate and to contribute on a regular basis;
  • you agree to our Intellectual Property Rights Policy

If you still wish to join us, please go to our homepage on to sign-up.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not ask to join as a Project Team Member unless you have identified a sub-group you wish to join AND are prepared to actively participate in meetings, discussions and work activities. If you fail to join a sub-group within 1 month, you will be removed from (wasting your time and mine!!).