When Are We Permitted to Destroy Original Paper Documents?

The DIA Document & Records Management Community completed an initiative in 2012 to define a Framework for the Destruction of Paper. The results have been widely published and used by many companies to define policies and SOPs for document retention, retrieval and destruction. Many colleagues on the TMF Reference Model project participated in this initiative. We have noticed that some rules within the regions have changed over the past 5+ years (e.g. what is a certified copy) and we feel it is time to Review, Assess, and Update the current recommendations and provide a new version of the framework. Understandably, we are curious about the experiences that you/the industry have had with the Framework. We would like to understand where it has been a success, and where changes should be made to make that Framework more useful.
An effort is being organised to accomplish these objectives to be conducted during 2018. At this point, we anticipate the effort will include 3 phases:
1. Survey our experience and progress to date
2. Upgrade the Framework to include regulatory and best practices updates and other desirable changes.
3. Formulate recommendations and a toolkit for implementation.
Each of these phases have an expected timeline that overlaps the others to some extent. We would like to initiate the survey phase in January and complete it by the end of March. We welcome members to join the initiative and participate in one, two or all 3 of the phases dependent upon your availability and expertise. It is possible you were involved in the original project and it would be great to have you back on board, either on the same sub-team or perhaps a different sub-team this time round. If you weren’t previously on the team, it would also be great to have you on board too!
The teams will be organized according to the following areas. Please respond with your choices of where you would like to participate.

  • Survey (assess experience to date and future needs)
  • Records Management
  • Regulatory
  • Quality
  • Legal Requirements
  • Technology
  • Implementation Toolkit

Please respond via the Contact Form below. Thank you.

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Please note: the scope of this initiative is not limited to trial documents but is shared here as it will be of interest to the TMF Reference Model community.