2014 TMF Survey Ready for Your Input

Please join the fourth industry-wide Trial Master File survey!  Make sure your perspective is heard, and get valuable insights and data for your TMF improvement initiatives.  An outgrowth of the volunteer TMF Reference Model initiative, this survey is designed to provide year-over-year TMF details from sponsors, CROs, inspectors, and sites, for both paper and electronic TMF management.  The intent is to identify TMF trends, assess changes in industry directions, and measure the impact of TMF models.  Our colleagues have already reported the usefulness of the survey data from the three prior survey and we expect this one to be no exception. The Survey link is:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WZHSL2P.
Survey completion takes ten minutes or less, depending on your organization.  All respondents who complete the survey and provide contact details will be sent the results; no individual is identified in the results.
Please note that this survey is completely independent and is not sponsored by or promoted by any company, vendor or commercial organization. The TMF Survey has been developed by volunteer members of the TMF Reference Model initiative and results are made available free-of-charge to industry. Information about us is found at the end of the survey, and also at:  http://www.diahome.org/en/news-and-publications/publications-and-research/edm-corner.aspx.

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