New Discussion Forum Launched

Our new online discussion forum is now available…. just click on the Forum link on the main menu.

Those who have been involved with the TMF Reference Model project for a while will know that we’ve used Yahoo!Groups for several years. However, it is not always so convenient having groups of users managed in different places and Yahoo! are about to make some major changes to Yahoo!Groups, meaning we will lose lots of functionality. So our forum on Yahoo!Groups will be closing down soon.

Just a few things to note about the new forum:

  • Everything posted on the forum is visible to the general public so be careful about sharing company confidential or personal information.
  • You have to be a registered subscriber to post and you need to be logged in to the website.
  • We expect posters to follow a few basic rules (these are shown in a ‘sticky post’ on the forum)… you are likely to be barred from posting if the forum is used to promote products or services, or to post links to blogs and other sites. The aim is to facilitate discussion on the forum.
  • You can visit the forum regularly to check for new topics and posts but if you are a registered user you can also subscribe to the forum and automatically receive alerts to new topics and posts.

Happy posting!!

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