Exchange Mechanism Standard Survey Results are Available

The eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (EMS) survey results are now available HERE. EMS is a solution for exchanging TMF content with minimal effort and high-quality results across sponsors, CROs, sites, vendors and integrators. The survey collected input from members of all of these groups.

The Exchange Mechanism group would appreciate your questions and comments, either by sharing them in the “TMF Exchange Mechanism (EMS)” LinkedIn group post or by submitting the form on the TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism page Everyone wanting to improve how they exchange TMF content is encouraged to join the LinkedIn group.

The TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism group thanks all respondents for helping make the survey successful. Watch for an announcement of a webinar to discuss the results and how to implement the use cases identified by respondents as being most critical.

TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism Group:

Paul Fenton, co-chair
Elvin Thalund, co-chair
Ken Keefer

EMS Survey Closes February 22

We have extended the eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (EMS) survey until the close-of-business EST on Monday, February 22. Please respond by then if you have not already done so. You may share the survey link as you see appropriate (Our testers completed the survey in an average of 12 minutes.)

EMS is a solution for exchanging TMF content with high quality and minimal effort across sponsors, CROs, sites, vendors and integrators. The success of the survey will depend on input from all of these groups. Its purpose is to help increase the adoption of EMS. We will summarize findings for the TMF Reference Model general meeting in March.

We thank the many who have responded to the eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (EMS) survey.

Survey to aid industry adoption of eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard

The eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (eTMF-EMS) provides a solution for exchanging TMF content with high quality and minimal effort across sponsors, CROs, sites, vendors and integrators. The TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism team has created a survey to understand industry perspectives on eTMF-EMS with the goal of increasing its adoption. The team will present a summary of findings at the TMF Reference Model general meeting in early 2021.

The team invites anyone who is involved in managing a clinical trial master file or is a stakeholder of TMF operations to take the survey at

eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard: Publication of New Release

Release 19.3.2 of the eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (eTMF-EMS) has been published, effective October 25. This is a minor release related to changes and updates to the specification for the eTMF-EMS.

You may access the Release Notes, as well as the specification for the eTMF-EMS, version 1.0.1 on the Resources web page.

FREE Webinar: Embracing the TMF Exchange Mechanism Standard

Final reminder that our next free Exchange Mechanism Standard (EMS) webinar is on Thursday December 13 at 7am PT, 10am ET, 3pm UTC, 4pm CET, kindly hosted by Wingspan Technology (an IQVIA company). Learn about the key success factors facing life sciences professionals in embracing the emerging TMF Exchange Mechanism Standard.
Register directly by clicking HERE.

Webinar Reminder: October 11, 2018

Register today for the FREE webinar: TMF Reference Model: eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (eTMF-EMS) – A Technical Perspective
DATE: October 11 @ 10:00am EDT
In our upcoming webinar, we will cover technical perspectives of the  Exchange Mechanism Standard. We will start by going over a recap of the standard and how it can help your current systems and processes.
This webinar will cover:

  • What is the TMF EMS?
  • How does the standard work and how it could be used?
  • How can sponsors, CROs and vendors implement the standard in their eTMF?
  • Insights into the practicalities of implementing the standard technically



Bridging Regulatory Quality and Operational Efficiency with Open Standards

Save your seat for the upcoming webinar!
Accelerating clinical trials with open standards
Central to the elimination of bottlenecks and unnecessary rework in the clinical trial continuum is automation and integration between eClinical applications based on open standards.
Existing systems (CTMS, eTMF, etc.) only support clinical trial functions in silos. The challenges in integration of eClinical systems stems from the lack of standards, it’s simply not enough to have APIs available.
Standards provide stakeholders with a basis for mutual understanding and are critical tools to facilitate communications. Open standards help fuel compatibility, interoperability, simplify trial executions and speed time-to-market.
The new eTMF Exchange Mechanism provides the cornerstone in collaboration between all study startup and executive stakeholders, including sponsors, CROs, investigative sites and regulatory and ethical committees.
Date/Time:  August 28, 2018 @ 3:00 pm BST, 10 am ET, 7 am PT

Industry Feedback on Draft Standard Now Under Review

Following a consultation period in which industry representatives were provided with an opportunity to review the draft TMF Exchange Mechanism Standard, their feedback is now being reviewed by the Exchange Mechanism business and vendor teams. Feedback has been provided by a wide range of stakeholders, including trial sponsors, CROs, consultants, eTMF vendors and other service and system providers.
Completion of the feedback review is expected around March/April, following which the revised standard will go through a road-test. Any willing vendor or business users who would like to participate in the road-test should contact the exchange team.