Exchange Mechanism Standard Survey Results are Available

The eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard (EMS) survey results are now available HERE. EMS is a solution for exchanging TMF content with minimal effort and high-quality results across sponsors, CROs, sites, vendors and integrators. The survey collected input from members of all of these groups.

The Exchange Mechanism group would appreciate your questions and comments, either by sharing them in the “TMF Exchange Mechanism (EMS)” LinkedIn group post or by submitting the form on the TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism page Everyone wanting to improve how they exchange TMF content is encouraged to join the LinkedIn group.

The TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism group thanks all respondents for helping make the survey successful. Watch for an announcement of a webinar to discuss the results and how to implement the use cases identified by respondents as being most critical.

TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism Group:

Paul Fenton, co-chair
Elvin Thalund, co-chair
Ken Keefer

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