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What electronic signature system are you using for GCP-regulated documents?

What electronic signature system are you using for GCP-regulated documents?

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  • Standard DocuSign
  • DocuSign with Part 11 enabled
  • Standard Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Sign with advanced features
  • My SignatureBook
  • Other
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      Eldin Rammell

      Considering the requirement to comply with 21CFR11, I’m interested in which systems are being used to capture signatures electronically. Are you using DocuSign, and if so, are you using the standard version or the Part 11 module? How about Adobe Sign? Any others? I’m thinking particularly about documents that are filed in the TMF but this question could equally apply to other inspectable documents (SOPs, etc). Please answer the poll and/or make comments.

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      Eldin Rammell

      With >1,500 colleagues subscribing to this forum, it would have been a really useful benchmark for us all to see how we are using digital signature technology as an industry. However, with only two people completing the poll, I don’t think that is going to help us much!

      If we’re interested in seeing trends etc and learning from them, then we need to spend a minute or two every now and then to make a contribution ourselves. The poll is anonymous 🙂

      Hoping that a few more people will take the time to click a button…..

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      Lucy Ridley

      Hi All,

      Does anyone have solution to how to update and electronic version with esignatures with “End Date” as you can’t change a document once it has been PDF’d as I have Study Team Resposobility Log and it was ok when wet ink signatures could write in ink the “End Date” if a study team member left.


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