When is the next TMF Reference Model General Meeting?

We try to send meeting notifications to all of our different groups so that everyone who is interested has the most up-to-date information about our meetings. We send a mailing to subscribers, we post to the project team members via groups.io and we post to the Yahoo!Groups discussion forum.

However, if you somehow missed these notifications but still want to find out when the next meeting is, just refer to the online calendar of upcoming events on our homepage (its just there in the right-hand column). Once we have the web conferencing system details, we add those to the calendar item. You can download this directly to your computer to add it to your own calendar application (e.g. Outlook or Google).

Note: we do not send out a meeting invite for these meetings. If you are interested in attending, you will need to create your own meeting event in your calendar or download the details from our online calendar.

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