When is the next update to the TMF Reference Model due?

Change requests for the TMF Reference Model are being submitted on an ongoing basis via the website. In addition, some of our project initiatives produce deliverables that result in additional content to the Model. It is the responsibility of the Change Control Board to make an impact assessment of these changes to determine if they may be implemented immediately as a maintenance release (minor changes and no impact on current systems), as a minor release (significant change to content but no significant impact on current systems) or as a major release (impacts current systems). Once this assessment has been made, the Steering Committee will agree a release schedule. The schedule may include a maintenance release (e.g. v3.0.1), a minor release (e.g. v3.1) and may also include a major release (e.g. v4.0) but the schedule is based on proposed and accepted changes rather than by a predefined timeline. A public announcement will be made via this website and to registered stakeholders ahead of any release (maintenance, minor and major).

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